Cognitive Evaluation

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Phase 1 Testing
All patients complete a 2-hour cognitive assessment with an expert neuropsychologist through Minder's online patient portal. Most patients will only need to complete this first phase of testing.
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Phase 2 Testing
Only a minority of patients will be asked to complete an additional 2-3 hours of testing in Phase 2. If needed this additional appointment will be scheduled at your Phase 1 appointment.
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Results & Diagnoses
Results and recommendations will be provided on the same day as Phase 1 testing and within 7 days following Phase 2 testing. This information will be provided verbally and in a written report.
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Why The Dual-Phase Process?
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At Minder, all patients complete a 2-hour cognitive evaluation (Phase 1) and only those who show evidence of cognitive impairment in Phase 1 are asked to complete the additional 2-3 hours of testing (Phase 2). This dual-phase process saves time and energy and reduces costs by 40-60% for most patients.


Phase 1 cognitive testing

$1500, or receive at a reduced rate of $1080 if you become a monthly subscriber.

Annual Repeat Phase 1 cognitive testing


Feedback session

No charge. Included with cognitive testing fees.

Phase 2 cognitive testing

$99 per session

Annual Repeat Phase 2 cognitive testing

$149 per session

6-month check in with neuropsychologist

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