Cognitive Tracking


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Cognitive Tracking

Let Minder track your cognitive status over time, through annual neuropsychological testing. This close monitoring is aimed at helping to prevent or delay the onset of cognitive impairment and reducing stress and worry related to cognitive decline. Let us "mind" your memory, so you can get back to what matters! We are currently offering annual cognitive testing at a 50% discounted rate. At your first cognitive evaluation, Let your neuropsychologist know that you are interested in yearly tracking.

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Brain Health Tracking

Minder offers quarterly tracking and goal setting related to several cognitive and brain health factors, such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, and social engagement. Improvement in these evidence-based factors could improve cognitive performance, reduce stress and worry related to cognitive decline, and help to prevent or delay the onset of cognitive impairment. This service is included at no additional charge when you sign up for a cognitive evaluation.

Price List

Annual Repeat Phase 1 Cognitive Testing

$1500, or receive at a reduced rate of $1080 if you become a monthly subscriber.

Annual Repeat Phase 1-2 Cognitive Testing


Quarterly Tracking of Brain Health Factors

No charge. Included with cognitive testing fees.

6-month check-in with Neuropsychologist


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