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We offer several treatment and educational groups

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Memory and Aging

We offer a 10-week Memory and Aging group aimed at helping middle-aged and older adults understand how brain and cognitive health change with age. This educational group also offers tips and tricks for dealing with age-related changes in cognitive function.

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Cognitive Training

We offer an 8-week Compensatory Cognitive Training group that emphasizes teaching individuals internal, external, and environmental strategies for improving memory, attention, and executive functioning.

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More Groups and Courses Coming soon!

We also offer educational videos and articles to help debunk myths and provide evidence-based suggestions for improving cognitive and brain health.

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Memory & Aging Group (10 weeks, 90 min)

$99 per session

Compensatory Cognitive Training Group (8 weeks, 120 min)

$149 per session

More Groups and Courses Coming Soon


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